Say “Alhamdulillah” (All praise and thanks belong to God) or “Yay!” we’re almost to the end of my Denver trip pictures… All that’s left is a few packs of Polaroid that I’ll share over one or two weeks, and I should be into new (or at least different) work before the end of 2021. Woo!

For now, enjoy some random pictures from Topeka, KS and Eureka Springs, AR, made while hanging out with Mom.

Mom, Topeka KS, 2021

Shame on me for refusing to pose for a photo in the Ward-Meade Rule Breaker stocks myself. Shame shame shame.

On the way out of Topeka, we had to stop at “the best used bookstore in Topeka, KS,” Dean’s Half Price on Kansas Ave. That and a quick stop at Truckhenge, previously mentioned several times, and the trip was all but done.

All but done, except for a morning walk in Eureka Springs, AR, and a trip through the carwash…

Mom helpfully posed a few times, and I, once again, declined to pose myself. And, again, shame on me…

Mom on the rainbow steps, Eureka Springs AR

Like Mom, I appreciate the painted steps in Eureka Springs… unlike her, I like to end a road trip with a carwash. She tends to wash the car before the road trip, therefore ensuring the trip starts with a clean car. We took her new Honda CR-V through the Berryville carwash before the trip, and then took her old v6 Accord (now my darling wife’s V6 Accord) through the Berryville carwash before I drove it home. I somehow didn’t photograph the pre-trip carwash… or did I?

And… Ooo! I did photograph the initial run through the carwash…

I had a roll left in the Minolta Freedom Vista Panorama from the Anniversary trip. I accidentally opened the back and lost a few frames, then finished off the roll at in the carwash before heading out…

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it, but I love the Freedom Vista Panorama. It’s a great little camera, and the trip from Dallas to Eureka Springs to Denver to Topeka to Eureka Springs to Dallas was great fun, if a load of driving.

Look forward to a handful or two of Polaroids from the trip, and then we’ll finally be back at home and have some different scenes to view, maybe.

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