Enter the Konica Wai Wai

Somehow, I’ve managed to be on Twitter at just the right time, twice, to catch generous offers from Dan K: first for a giveaway, through which I scored a bunch of different black & white films, some disposables, and some other stuff; the second to score 1 of 4 reloaded Konica Wai Wai disposables…

I tried to come up with some sort of clever title for this post. “It’s my Konica and I’ll Wai Wai if I want to” was the clear favorite, but still seemed too silly, and while the Wai Wai is a 15 year old, plastic, disposable camera, maybe it deserves a bit more respect than that. Continue reading “Enter the Konica Wai Wai”

Rabbi Al ‘Alamin

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is the Rabbi Al-Alamin, the Lord of all that exists: all the people, certainly, but also all the sentient beings, everything with a soul, and, indeed, everything without a soul. Rocks and trees and stars perform their functions exactly as Allah made them, and as for everything else, well… Continue reading “Rabbi Al ‘Alamin”