Rabbi Al ‘Alamin

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is the Rabbi Al-Alamin, the Lord of all that exists: all the people, certainly, but also all the sentient beings, everything with a soul, and, indeed, everything without a soul. Rocks and trees and stars perform their functions exactly as Allah made them, and as for everything else, well… Continue reading “Rabbi Al ‘Alamin”

Return of the Espio Returns (2): fully automated

As mentioned previously (here, here, and here), the Pentax Espio 35-70 AF Zoom is a fully automatic camera. I’ve cursed some of its automation in those earlier articles, but if you make some peace with it, accept (and understand its limitations) and just shoot, you can make some pictures with it.

In fact, I think one of my favorite pictures of 2015, and maybe one of my best ever, came out of this camera, out of just letting the camera do its thing and paying attention to making pictures… Continue reading “Return of the Espio Returns (2): fully automated”

FG week: recap

Two of these were shot at a roadside picnic area on the way back from Kerrville with the 50mm f/1.8 E Series. Two were shot with the new-to-me 75-150mm E Series. And the last… well I’m not sure what I shot that with. It depends, really, on where I shot it. I think I shot it on a neighborhood walk with my darling, adorable wife. If so, it was probably the 75-150 too. But if not, then it was at that picnic area with the 50.

Allahu Alim.

I hope you enjoyed the FG week!

FG week, day 4

I think the blur on the right side of the frame is due to film curl, and not to the lens…

I think this was shot with a new copy of the Nikon 75-150 E-Series that I picked up for a song around the time I bought the FG. It, like the camera, is an absolute beauty, in much better condition than the one I paid double for and that later became the beloved Zomb-E.

More on it later, maybe.

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