Rollei RPX 100 – a review in 3 parts

Back in October 2017, I was blessed to take part in one of Dan K’s generous giveaways over on Twitter. It consisted of a gift certificate to Camera Film Photo and shipping, and I picked up a bunch of black & white film that I hadn’t tried before, including 5 rolls of Rollei RPX 100 in […]

James & Hana’s Summer Vacation: addendum

I’m somewhat behind on processing film… I develop fairly quickly, scan as soon as it’s dry enough (or within a day, anyway) but I’m well behind on getting those scans converted to positive and shared. Oh well. The vacation was still a blessing, we still had a good time, and these pictures are still worth […]

Tyler, TX: pro-am & toy

For #DianaDay, I went to Tyler, TX in connection with another project.* I went with, perhaps, a few too many cameras… It strikes me now that this might be a bit excessive. 5 cameras, 3 formats, 5 focal lengths, all with Superia 400. #believeinfilm — James Cockroft (@jam_esc) August 5, 2017 Excessive, perhaps, but […]

Overexposure at the Water Gardens

Mom came to visit us for a couple of days last week, and on Saturday morning, at Samie’s suggestion, we visited the Water Gardens in Fort Worth. An apparent misreading of the B/N switch on the Sprocket Rocket resulted in me shooting on B for the entire time. The light, but definite presence of homeless […]