For my second roll in this #DeltaDefJam, I went for the Delta 400, again, but in 35mm, and this time with Sprockets!

I like Delta 400 in the Sprocket Rocket… I can see using it again sometime.

I pretty much shot it a/b with the Debonair, so it’s just about the same sequence… I shot at work.

I shot from the front window of the car on the way home during a nice, much needed rainstorm.

I shot at home a bit.

And I finished the roll off at the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center.

I had some problems with the Sprocket Rocket on this roll. The N/B shutter switch has gotten really loose, and it just falls into Bulb mode at the slightest nudge. I need to find a way to stiffen that up somehow, because I sorta lost several frames on this roll, like this one:

Not quite a happy accident. More just an annoyance. I caught it several times, and had just checked it and switched it from B back to N about half a minute before I squatted down for this shot, and yep, it slipped into B in that time.

If you have any advice on fixing this, stiffening up that switch, please let me know. I’ve done some minimal googling and haven’t found anything.

Anyway, if you missed it in the Debonair post, development was in Ilfotec HC, 1:31 for 7.5 minutes. Easy, and I might just do it again one day.

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