Well, this being the first full week of March (2019), it’s shoot week for the March edition of the FP4 Party, and I currently have a roll of 120 in the Cambo C2 holder, and am slowly shooting through it.

Two weeks ago, the third, and last, full week in February was post week for the February edition, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t develop a single roll of film in all of February… but I’m (sorta) past that now, maybe, and so here we go!

I started shoot week from my house… Working from home now, as I do, I don’t get out much…

I managed to get out and run around some later in the week, probably Saturday morning. I took a drive through Euless, the next town over, and stopped a few places to walk around.

And then I was back home, and scrambling to shoot through the rest of the roll before shoot week ended.

I somehow got into the habit of not winding on after every shot. I think maybe it has something to do with the Yashica Mat-124… I read somewhere that leaving the shutter cocked for too long can cause problems or something. Anyway.

I ended up with some nice double exposures… they’re actually the best exposed of the whole roll.

Given the Sprocket Rocket’s fixed 1/100th, f/8 or f/11, and FP4’s 125 ISO, I should be alright for most Texas days. Alas, it was rather overcast the one day that I could be bothered to get out and shoot, and given that I developed this roll alongside a properly-exposed roll of Foma 200, I didn’t push a stop like I planned.

Oh well. Here’s hoping I do somewhat better with this month’s FP4 Party! I’m 6-8 shots in, with 3 days to go, and I’ve not left the house with the Yashica-Mat yet, so we’ll see. At minimum, I should be able to get the exposure/development right. *fingers crossed.

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