Last time, I was late… So forgive me for barging in so early this time.

For this 3rd FP4 Party of 2019, I went with a roll of 120, loaded into the Cambo/Calumet C2 holder, and shot with the Crown Graphic Graphic View (first model) and new-to-me Fujinon W 125mm f/5.6.

Before I shoot anything through the C2 holder again, I need to set up some kind of a frame guide, some tape or something, to help me frame better. Pretty much everything ended up smack bang in the middle of the frame.

Now. The last time I shot a roll of FP4 in the C2 holder (13 months ago), I lost 4 frames due to strange light leaks… I surmised it had something to do with leaving the darkslide partially inserted, so I made sure to remove it completely and had no light leaks this time.

Sadly, I failed to load it properly, again, and made the mistake of pulling the darkslide before I closed the iris on the lens… :facepalm:

One great thing about the Fujinon: there’s room to screw in the long-distance shutter release bulb thing. (The shutter screw is too close to the body on the Graphex Optar, so I’ve had this bulb shutter release for many months, but this was the first time I actually used it, that I recall.) I quite like being able to trigger the shutter from many yards away, so much so that I loaded up a roll of Portra 160VC 220 to shoot some selfies…

You’ll just have to wait for that.

So that was my FP4+ Party for March 2019. All in all, good times, and somewhat inspiring, even. Party on!

*This was my first experience with the Fujinon W, which I bought as a sort of companion for the Intrepid mk4 4×5 that should be coming with the Intrepid Enlarger I kickstartered in a couple of months.The Graphex Optar that came with my Crown Graphic is a 137mm f/4.7… virtually identical and a half stop faster, so the Fuji was maybe a waste… I should run some tests, I guess.

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