FP4Partying with the Cambo C2 roll film holder

I’m not sure where I got the itch for a 6×7 format camera, but I’ve had it for awhile. I thought seriously about buying an RB or RZ 67 camera some years ago when the prices were still cheap, and every now and again go looking at Mamiya 7s and Plaubel Makina 67s and Pentax 67s and just hang my head.

But there is one option out there where the price has actually come down… Roll Film Holders for 4×5 cameras. Continue reading “FP4Partying with the Cambo C2 roll film holder”

It’s an FP4+ Party! (and brief review)

Ilford’s FP4+ is the newest version of its excellent, medium speed, cubit grain, panchromatic black & white stock. The first FP4 appeared 10 years before I was born, and the Plus version  appeared in 1990. I shot my first roll of it back in 2015, and over the past year and a bit, I’ve taken part in 5 iterations of Emulsive’s FP4 Party, and expect to do so again next month (and next year, if it’s still going), so it’s something of a mainstay for me. I vastly prefer it to Delta 100 and TMAX 100: they’re too clean, what with their T-Grain emulsions. And FP4 is somewhat superior to its slightly cheaper stable-mate, Kentmere 100. It’s really a great film. Continue reading “It’s an FP4+ Party! (and brief review)”

a pleasant evening

I pulled out the big guns for the last days of the #FP4Party: the Graphic View 4×5 and a couple sheets of FP4+. I had it all ready and had sheets loaded before the shoot week even got started, but it was Saturday before I came up with an idea, and Sunday before I executed it, poorly, but this is my idea of a pleasant evening at home: a cup of tea (or, in this case, hot cocoa) and a good book (T. J. Clark’s Farewell to an Idea).  Continue reading “a pleasant evening”

Expensive Snapshots, pt. 2: an expensive mistake

This is actually the first 4×5 snapshot I snapped, the piece of film I burned that day, but it wasn’t the first time I’ve made this same mistake

So a reminder to me first, again, again, again: when you are itching to shoot and the handiest thing around is a 4×5 holder that someone else loaded probably 10 years ago, and you go off to just shoot, do yourself a favor and check your settings first…

In fact, even if you’re shooting digital and only have battery life and shutter actuations to worry about, even if just pulling out your phone to take a quick shot: please, please, please check your settings first. It’ll only take a second or two, and it’ll save you much chagrin later. Continue reading “Expensive Snapshots, pt. 2: an expensive mistake”