First outing with the Graphic View 4×5

Several months ago, Alex (Dad) gave me his Graphic View 4×5. I’ve used it as a subject a couple of times, but it otherwise languished, wrapped in plastic, precariously balanced on top of the file cabinet since the day I brought it home.

Friday, Alex called to tell me that he found some film holders and film while cleaning up his garage or closet or something, and invited me to come visit him at work and pick them up.

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Expired Ansco, meet R3 Monobath (1)

After 6 weeks or so, I finally shot through the first roll of 50 year old Ansco Versapan.

Strangely, it more or less jumped on the reel, so I’m curious to see what—if anything—the edge markings reveal.

Equally strangely, the bottom of the film canister was loose… This was fortunate, since I seem to have lost my church key. I was able to just pop the end off in the darkbag, so I wonder if there will be any pictures on the roll at all.*

Due to its (supposed/purported) age, I shot it at one stop over. It was easy with enough light, but a bit difficult at dusk/dawn.

50 ISO isn’t much.

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