Expensive Snapshots, pt. 2: an expensive mistake

This is actually the first 4×5 snapshot I snapped, the piece of film I burned that day, but it wasn’t the first time I’ve made this same mistake… So a reminder to me first, again, again, again: when you are itching to shoot and the handiest thing around is a 4×5 holder that someone else loaded probably […]

Expensive Snapshots, pt. 1b: Capture One Pro 9 review

So I modified my process for processing images and thought I hit upon some great new secret, but it was just me mis-remembering what I had done. I realized my error and began to rewrite the previous post when I remembered an email announcement I received about the new Capture One Pro 9 update, so I dropped […]

Expensive Snapshots, pt. 1a: New Workflow

Snapshots with a 4×5 view camera? Snapshots that require a light meter? a cable release? bulb mode? Probably doesn’t meet the usual definition, but the process I underwent with the two sheets of expired FP4 that my dad loaded into a film holder many years ago (probably before the film expired, which it did in […]

First outing with the Graphic View 4×5

Several months ago, Alex (Dad) gave me his Graphic View 4×5. I’ve used it as a subject a couple of times, but it otherwise languished, wrapped in plastic, precariously balanced on top of the file cabinet since the day I brought it home. Friday, Alex called to tell me that he found some film holders […]