Expired Ansco, meet R3 Monobath (4)

The Ansco was/is a beautiful film. I’m glad to have another roll to shoot… I think I’ll stick it in the freezer for now, and use it for something special. And the R3 Monobath is an excellent, easy developer. I look forward to using it again… I should probably pick up a couple of rolls […]

Expired Ansco, meet R3 Monobath (3 – problems)

So 50 year old Ansco still has some life in it and the R3 works very well and is super easy to use, but I encountered three problems. A couple are obviously user error, probably all of them are. Please. If you have any advice or suggestions, please please please pass them on.

Expired Ansco, meet R3 Monobath (1)

After 6 weeks or so, I finally shot through the first roll of 50 year old Ansco Versapan. Strangely, it more or less jumped on the reel, so I’m curious to see what—if anything—the edge markings reveal. Equally strangely, the bottom of the film canister was loose… This was fortunate, since I seem to have […]