The Ansco was/is a beautiful film. I’m glad to have another roll to shoot… I think I’ll stick it in the freezer for now, and use it for something special.

And the R3 Monobath is an excellent, easy developer. I look forward to using it again… I should probably pick up a couple of rolls of HP5 or Tri-X or something and shoot more B/W. 

The Sweaty Hand errors are visible in one of these, but the others—from the end of the roll, where it got handled the most—don’t show it at all… Strange.

I only converted one  of these to black & white in lightroom… I liked the golden tone of this film so much: it’s really beautiful stuff. The grain is excellent, the contrast is good (with a bit of a boost), and it’s really a joy to shoot with.

Makes me wish I had a darkroom and was running prints… maybe one day.

Until then, and maybe even then, I think I need to start converting negatives to positives and getting basic white balance and exposure set, then exporting as 16 bit (or 32 bit, floating point) tiffs for final massaging. I just noticed a bit of banding in one of these: a tell-tale sign of too much manipulation.


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