I pulled out the big guns for the last days of the #FP4Party: the Graphic View 4×5 and a couple sheets of FP4+. I had it all ready and had sheets loaded before the shoot week even got started, but it was Saturday before I came up with an idea, and Sunday before I executed it, poorly, but this is my idea of a pleasant evening at home: a cup of tea (or, in this case, hot cocoa) and a good book (T. J. Clark’s Farewell to an Idea). 

These were exposed at EI100 and developed in the SP-445, in Rodinal 1:50 for 12 minutes. I had a better first attempt at this (tentatively titled “a pleasant morning”) that I accidentally double exposed because I forgot that the black side means “KEEP IT IN THE DARK” and the white side means “READY TO EXPOSE.” Jackass. So maybe I’ll try again.

If you read this far, do you think this works? What could take it up a notch? Does it need the shot of me engaged in the pleasantries, or does the suggestive single image work better? I’d love some feedback on this, and thank you in advance.

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