When #ExpiredFilmDay was (finally) announced, I got excited, and when the long weekend rolled around, I shot several rolls of fun stuff (Kodachrome, Ektachrome X, etc.). I’ll share some of those in the coming weeks.

Then, Jason Avery announced April’s #CameraChallenge was also Expired film… Shame on me, I played it relatively safe: 2007 expired Fuji Superia XTRA 400 and 2008 expired Kodak GC 400-8, both shot between 125 and 160. I have several rolls of long-expired slide film, and another roll of Kodachrome (which looks great in Ilfotec HC, by the way), so shame on me, I guess, but I spent the shoot week (March 25-31) in Arkansas and didn’t want to come home with nothing, so safe I played it

I’ll share more from the Arkansas trip later, but I drove up on Friday and stayed with Mom a full week, only leaving on Saturday the 30th. So the first few rolls I shot through weren’t eligible for the #CameraChallenge. (Ordinarily, I’d share everything in order, but for whatever reason Avery decided to have shoot week March 25-31 and share week April 1-7, so here we are.)

Monday, I shot around Mom’s some.

It was a working trip, not a true vacation, after all. We did knock off a bit early and go walkabout in Bentonville and Rogers, but I didn’t take the FG along, and the FM3a wasn’t yet shooting for the #CameraChallenge.

Tuesday, I worked all day, then took a long walk down the mountain around Mom’s. She lives on a little street at the top of a hill with 6 houses on it. The developer planned a whole subdivision all down and around the mountain, but only those 6 were ever built. I usually walk the overgrown roads the developer cut, but until now, haven’t made any pictures I was happy with

Wednesday, I knocked off super early, and we drove down AR 21 (a wonderful, twisty, highway, not quite AR 7, but still fun) for lunch in Russelville. I had to stop along the way and take a few quick shots.

After lunch, we visited a couple of State Parks: Lake Dardanelle and Mount Nebo. There’s a waterfall at Mount Nebo that I started to walk down to for the #believeinwaterfalls fun, but realized it was 3 mile round trip, and Mom was waiting, so I abandoned it.

If you were going to pick one to visit, I’d go Mount Nebo, unless you were into fishing from a Nuclear Power cooling lake, plus Mount Nebo overlooks Lake Dardanelle.

Thursday was another working day, and Friday, I left earlier than usual, and Mom and I went to Devil’s Den State Park to photograph the waterfalls there, but it started to rain just as we got there. Good thing too, as I was able to make it to the Friday prayers in Fayetteville. I did manage a couple of shots of the CCC-built waterfall, but the others had to wait (and you’ll have to wait too, because I wasn’t shooting expired film for that, and so they’ll be in the Arkansas trip post, probably).

Saturday, I took a winding, country road south from Mom’s and paused to bother a cow who just wanted to munch some grass. Poor thing

And that was my Expired #CameraChallenge Arkansas trip. Good times.

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