One day back a few weeks ago, I walked past the camera shelf and the Sprocket Rocket caught my eye. Looking back in my tracker, I realized I hadn’t shot it in over two years, and so quickly loaded a roll of Lomo Color 400 to document the building of a new shed, and later to enjoy some of the new blooms at the Dallas Arboretum. All in all, it was a good time with a fun camera that I should probably shoot more often.

My darling wife wanted a garden shed for a long time, and especially over the last year or so as her gardening and houseplant hobby really took off. Between the cars, bicycles, and other garage-suitable items, there really wasn’t enough room for all of her pots, bags of compost and potting soil, not to mention all the shovels and rakes and implements of destruction and other various and sundry garden tools and things, and so once I finally paid off the cars, her student loan, and the Disney trip (2019… pictures remain forthcoming), we booked local handyman Gamaliel (who everyone calls “Juan” smh) and he got to work…

As usual, Gamaliel did a fine job, and other than an issue with needing to sand the sloppy spackle job he left behind before we painted, which cost me several hours of extra work, we’re thrilled with the new shed, and the garage seems empty. GoGo.

New Shed 13
The New Shed!

And with all debts paid, and a new shed finally built, the darling, adorable Hanabibti and I took a trip to the Dallas Arboretum to take in whatever remained of the new growth after the Polar Vortex event here in North Texas.

Arboretum 2

It was a beautiful, cool Sunday morning, and the Arboretum was slammed with people. I counted a couple of brides and/or entire wedding parties, and at least a dozen young ladies getting their pictures made in their gorgeous Quinceañera dresses. Alas, the Sprocket Rocket missed them.

Dallas Arboretum
Hana and a hidden Quinceañera lady at the Dallas Arboretum

All in all, it was fun times with the Sprocket Rocket, as (nearly) always. I really should shoot it more, but, then, I’m at full camera saturation point these days, and am often paralyzed by choice…

Life’s rough all over, ain’t it.

Arboretum tulips

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