The Wai Wai called to me for weeks, and a trip to Arkansas back in March seemed a good time to load up a roll… Little did I know it would take me nearly a month to shoot through it, and another month to develop it. Oh well.

I had some trouble loading it: tore through the sprocket holes on the first roll I tried. I’m not sure what happened. So I was excited when I finally got it.

Later that day, I left for Mom’s in Arkansas, and the Wai Wai mostly stayed in the bag. I pulled out one night when we went for pizza in Eureka Springs.

I pulled it out in Devil’s Den to shoot the waterfalls.

It made an appearance in the Bobby Hooper tunnel and shortly after.

I shot the sky.

And I shot once out the window in Oklahoma, and again when I crossed the Red River, for once full and roaring.

After that, it mostly stayed on the shelf, until I finally took it for a walk in my favorite park.

I remembered why I love this little camera so much. It’s tiny, and sharp enough, and just fun to shoot! Good times.

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