As mentioned, I spent a week in Arkansas, visiting Mom, back in August 2020, during the as yet ongoing Covid Pandemic. I shot a bunch of cameras there, including the Zenit Horizon s3 u500.

I once again made the mistake of photographing a few scenes vertically… Oh well. You can scroll:

I carted a handful of cameras around during my time in Arkansas, and photographed many of the same places and very similar scenes with the Zero Image and other cameras. If you’ve been following along, you may recognize some of these, like Beaver Lake:

Or Lake Leatherwood:

I got a nice picture of Mom at Black Bass Lake in Eureka Springs.

I took a broader view of Withrow Springs State Park after our picnic.

And actually stopped the car (once) on the way home, in Talhina, OK at the Kiamichi Valley War Memorial there.

Through it all, the Zenit Horizon performed admirably, and was a pleasure to shoot, more or less. I got some of the same ghosting, which I don’t mind at all and need to shoot some more with the camera to try to figure out how to reproduce it. But overall it’s a fun camera, for sure.

Stay tuned for a review, coming soon.

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