Cloudy, with a chance of Orwo NP7

Back in January, I ordered up a mess of Compania Imago film. I was especially excited by their recycled wood and plastic film canisters and the (exceedingly remote) possibility of reusing them to roll some whatever whenever. I’ve shot through most all of that film now, and just have one roll of ancient Ansco left […]

Testing Orwo NP7 (Compania Imago)

In yet another instance of my long and ongoing series of photographic failures, when I loaded the first roll of film from Compania Imago (Orwo NP7, expired in 1988), for some reason, I set the LC-A to f/2.8, thereby fixing the shutter speed at 1/60th. I think this was to prevent the LC-A from using unreasonably […]