#BIFscale #BestOf x Red Dragon review

Well, #BIFscale17 is officially over, and I, for one, am thankful to be back to straight shooting. That said, I have a bit of a backlog awaiting some processing, and I should collate some of my thoughts on the redscale process, in general, and the Ultrafine Red Dragon 100 in particular, so here we go, […]

Last roll for #BIFscale17

Well, it’s February 24, and #BIFscale17 is drawing near its end. For my 5th and final redscaled roll, for now, I went with EI 25 and the XA, and I tried to shoot under a variety of circumstances: morning, day, night, afternoon, hip shots, bird’s eye, snail’s eye, stabilized, just about everything I could think of, […]

Touching the Red Dragon

Following my initial tests with the Red Dragon, after tripping out with some psychedelic redscale and some play time with the green kitten, I felt it only fair to shoot a roll of Ultrafine Red Dragon at its rated 100. Coincidentally, the One Touch 100 defaults to 100 with non-DX coded film. A match made in heaven? Let’s […]