Last roll for #BIFscale17

Well, it’s February 24, and #BIFscale17 is drawing near its end. For my 5th and final redscaled roll, for now, I went with EI 25 and the XA, and I tried to shoot under a variety of circumstances: morning, day, night, afternoon, hip shots, bird’s eye, snail’s eye, stabilized, just about everything I could think of, except flash, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.

It was a lot of shooting, and I’ve finally tamed the Red Dragon, more or less, but I’m glad #BIFscale only rolls around once per year. Continue reading “Last roll for #BIFscale17”

Pulling the Red Dragon

After my initial disappointment with the Red Dragon, and after my failings with the Psychedelic Redscale, but before I knew how the roll in the One Touch would turn out, I decided to shove a roll into the FE and see how the Red Dragon would do pulled as far as I could manage.

That meant EI 3 (ISO ring set to 12, with +2 on the Exposure Compensation dial), and it took some patience, some stability, and loads of light, but some of it came out nice. Continue reading “Pulling the Red Dragon”


With #BIFscale17 just around the corner, and with me wanting to take part in something, to have a social aspect to my hobby, and only just now getting into social media again via Twitter, and all the fun and mild intellectual stimulation that has to offer, I figured I should test a roll of Redscale film before jumping in. So I grabbed the LC-A, loaded up a roll of Ultrafine Red Dragon 100, and started shooting. Continue reading “Redscale!”