Ultrafine “Green Kitten” 320

Yes, Ultrafine Green Kitten 320. Don’t get excited… it’s not a fancy new film stock. In fact, I think it’s really Konica Professional 160 that the good people at Ultrafine reverse rolled to create their Red Dragon 100 film, and that I deredscaled… Why 320? Well, when you redscale film, everyone suggests you shoot it at 2 stops over. Ultrafine rate their Red Dragon at 100, so I reasoned that it came from some 400 film, and since most of the 400 films I’ve shot look a little bit cleaner at 320, I thought that would be a good place to test this out.

I’m going to share a pretty much the whole roll below, so get ready. Again, though, don’t get too excited, it’ll mostly be to point out some issues I have with the Red Dragon film.

Now, I’m not positive the Green Kitten is really Konica 160, but if it is, that would explain 1) why most of the non-fogged shots were underexposed by a stop or more and 2) why Red Dragon 100 is so incredibly dark at 100. There are no edge codes, so only the Ultrafine people could confirm: maybe they’ll read this and let me know. And if I’m right, maybe they’ll reward me with a free 100 feet of it (and a Bobbinquick bulk film roller too, maybe): I think it’s got some real possibilities, and I’d happily shoot 100 feet of it, if it was properly loaded and I knew what to expect from it. Continue reading “Ultrafine “Green Kitten” 320″