Tokyo Rumando – ‘S’

S is a new collection from Tokyo Rumano, published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name at Zen Foto Gallery in early 2018, in which she continues her exploration of self-portraiture. From the press release, S “incorporates theatrical elements, which transforms her self-portraits from a story into a play, performed at her own stage theatre, leading the viewer into another time and space.” Continue reading “Tokyo Rumando – ‘S’”

Anouck Durand – ‘Eternal Friendship’

Eternal Friendship is an incredible work of archival research and historical reimagining. In it, Anouck Durand tells the story of Refik Veseli, an Albanian State Photographer during the reign of Enver Hoxja, and a secret state-sponsored trip to China he took with some colleagues to study a special color photography process. It’s something like a comic book, with archival photography used in place of drawings, and it’s really an amazing work.

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