Luigi Ghirri – ‘Kodachrome’ and ‘The Complete Essays 1973-1991’

By all rights, these two books should be reviewed separately. Sadly, though, they arrived in the same box and I unboxed them together, so here we are. Kodachrome is MACK’s 2013 reprint of Ghirri’s 1978 classic. From what I understand, it’s a facsimile of the original, albeit with the inclusion of a pamphlet containing a […]

Joel Meyerowitz – ‘Where I Find Myself’

What can I say about the first lifetime retrospective of Joel Meyerowitz’s work, with comments throughout by Meyerowitz himself? If you’re the least bit aware of Meyerowitz and his practice, you probably know something about his trajectory, from 35mm street shooter to 8×10 landscape and still life, and Where I Find Myself has it all.

The Beatles – ‘The Beatles’ (The White Album) Fiftieth Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

In March of 1990, an English band with the excellent name of Candy Flip covered the Beatles’ classic “Strawberry Fields Forever.” I turned 12 a month later, and one evening around that time I was riding back to my dad’s apartment after a day hanging out in the back of the Ritz Camera at North […]

Jo Ann Walters – ‘Wood River Blue Pool’

Jo Ann Walters’ Wood River Blue Pool is a collection of her photographs of mostly women and girls, photographed around Alton, IL and all up and down the Mississippi river, mostly in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It comes with a companion volume, Emma Kemp’s Blue Pool Cecelia, a wonderful meditation on violence and the Blue […]

Harry Gruyaert – ‘East/West’

When I first flipped through East/West, I was convinced something had gone wrong with the printing. Everything looked much more saturated and contrasty than the 2015 Harry Gruyaert monograph, and I felt disgusted and ripped off, and I shoved East/West onto the shelf, determined to wait a few years (until it went out of print) and then sell […]