Expired Film Day – Konica Super SR 400

A few months back, I stumbled across a cache of long-expired Konica Film-In Panorama single use cameras on the ‘bay and bought three of them, hoping against hope that they were something like the excellent Konica WaiWai that I love so much.

I planned to harvest the long expired film and shoot it in some other camera at a more appropriate EI, and then see how hard they were to reload.

Well, step one was easy. I harvested the first roll with ease: just cover the lens and shoot through the roll, then pop it out, retrieve the leader, and go. Step two was, well, not really worth it.

But this isn’t about the cameras. This is about the second roll of film I harvested to check and see if my attempt at solving the light leak issues I have with my (new-to-me) LC-A were solved (they weren’t), started around town in late February, and finished on March 16th during my solo Gainesville photowalk.

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Expired Film Day – Ektachrome 200D

Kodak Ektachrome 5306 200D was a daylight balanced chrome stock, if you couldn’t tell from the name… This particular roll came to me in an FPP Ollie’s Choice box and expired in 1982. I shot it at 100 in the Nikon FG with the 50mm f/1.8 E series, and developed it in a fresh batch of Unicolor C-41 chemicals.

Yes, I said yo to x-pro. Apologies. But I think it turned out ok.

I started the roll on Friday March 17 and finished it on Saturday the 18th.

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Expired Film Day – Kodachrome 64

This year (2019) Expired Film Day almost didn’t happen… it was only thanks to @schneidan and the encouragement of the community that it did, and it wasn’t just a day, but a whole long weekend! Friday March 15, the Ides of March, through Sunday the 17th.

Full disclosure: I’m a sponsor of Expired Film Day. I’m giving away 5 rolls of color film for the best color interior or night shot, and 5 rolls of black & white for the best portrait or self-portrait. Anyway…

If you’re curious, I’ll say up front that I exposed this 30 year old roll of Kodachrome 64 at EI 8, and developed it in Ilfotec HC 1:31 for 10 minutes, and it turned out fine!

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#CameraChallenge Expired

When #ExpiredFilmDay was (finally) announced, I got excited, and when the long weekend rolled around, I shot several rolls of fun stuff (Kodachrome, Ektachrome X, etc.). I’ll share some of those in the coming weeks.

Then, Jason Avery announced April’s #CameraChallenge was also Expired film… Shame on me, I played it relatively safe: 2007 expired Fuji Superia XTRA 400 and 2008 expired Kodak GC 400-8, both shot between 125 and 160. I have several rolls of long-expired slide film, and another roll of Kodachrome (which looks great in Ilfotec HC, by the way), so shame on me, I guess, but I spent the shoot week (March 25-31) in Arkansas and didn’t want to come home with nothing, so safe I played it

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(Fashionably late to the) FP4 Party!

Well, this being the first full week of March (2019), it’s shoot week for the March edition of the FP4 Party, and I currently have a roll of 120 in the Cambo C2 holder, and am slowly shooting through it.

Two weeks ago, the third, and last, full week in February was post week for the February edition, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t develop a single roll of film in all of February… but I’m (sorta) past that now, maybe, and so here we go!

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