The Rikenon 40mm f/2.8, an appreciation

The Rikenon 40mm f/2.8 is one of my favorite lenses. It’s sharp enough, with good color transmission and not too much vignetting, and I love the field of view: it’s never too wide like a 35mm can sometimes be, and it’s never too tele like a 50 sometimes is (especially if you shoot with a 35 all the time). It’s almost perfect for general use:  ok for landscapes, decent for portraits, and just about perfect for walking around. 

My only problem with it? I can’t use it on any of my SLRs, as it’s only available on a whole bunch of Ricoh compacts from the 1970s…

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FPP Derev Pan 100, part 1: half frame fun

Why I decided to shoot my first roll of Derev Pan 100 in the LC-W, in half frame mode, I’ll never know. Yes, I wanted to try the Derev Pan. And, yes, I wanted to try the LC-W’s half frame mode, but come on, James! Limit your variables!

Also: note to self: 500ml is insufficient to fully cover two rolls of 35mm in a two reel Paterson tank.

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