6 Days in Costa Rica

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I was in Costa Rica a month or so ago for business (again). It was as beautiful, and the people as friendly, as I remembered. Given that it was a work thing, I didn’t have much time for shooting and only made it through 6 rolls and a disposable, plus a septuple handful of shots from the X70, so it wasn’t a complete wash. Continue reading “6 Days in Costa Rica”

ICI Dawah – Department of Grocery Services

The Islamic Center of Irving dawah department collects dry goods to distribute to needy people in the DFW area. Most of the collections go to local relief organizations, and recently a small portion is set aside to distribute directly to the local population.

We distributed bags of groceries today, and may Allah make them nourishment for the needy, a means of forgiveness for us and, if He wills, a means of guidance for the people. Continue reading “ICI Dawah – Department of Grocery Services”

stretch it out some

A reminder/exhortation to myself first:

Somehow I just can’t help but think that life is a lot more varied than what is typically the subject matter for so much of Fine Art [and my] photography. And I can’t help but think it’s a real shame if that is the case simply because we’re [I’m] such a shy lot.

Brooks Jensen, LensWork Podcast #962 (officially behind a paywall; available here)

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