The Islamic Center of Irving dawah department collects dry goods to distribute to needy people in the DFW area. Most of the collections go to local relief organizations, and recently a small portion is set aside to distribute directly to the local population.

We distributed bags of groceries today, and may Allah make them nourishment for the needy, a means of forgiveness for us and, if He wills, a means of guidance for the people.

We started, as usual, by packaging up what we had: everyone pitched in to help.


We put one or two of each item into grocery bags graciously donated by (or requisitioned from) local stores: bags of sugar and rice, a quart of oil, a box of pasta, and cans of tomatoes and beans, plus a couple of small packages of sweets.


Once everything got bagged up, we loaded the bags into cars and headed out.


Nearby, there’s a small apartment complex that houses a large immigrant population. Many of the men that live there wait outside a nearby home improvement center for occasional work every day, and many of the people are very much in need.

I want to ride

We went around the complex, knocking on doors and offered people food in whatever (broken, unintelligible) Spanish we know. “Buenas tardes! Comida para familia?”

Most are more than happy to accept, some decline the offer, and many point us to their in laws or to neighbors who are also in need of some groceries.

distributing 3

When we ran out of bags to distribute—as usual, we ran out too quickly, about the time people start coming to us, asking if we have more to share—we climb back into our cars and go back to our lives, InshaAllah without earning any of Allah azza wa jall wa jall’s wrath and InshaAllah seeking only His pleasure.

If you’re willing and able to contribute, please bring some nonparishable food items by the masjid at any time. The entrance is sort of at the back, and someone there will let you know where to leave it. If that’s inconvenient for you, let me know and God willing I’ll come pick it up.

And if you want to join in the packing and distribution, let me know and I’ll try to keep you in the loop and let you know when we distribute again. (It should be about a month.)

InshaAllah it was fun for us in this life and a means for forgiveness and reward in the next. May God bless all those who contributed food and all those who took part in the distribution, Amen.

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