Staycation with Compania Imago’s Rollei CN 200

I had 5 days of rollover vacation that needed to be used before the end of Q1, so I took Spring Break off with Hana, and shot through loads of film. I’m very behind processing any of it, let alone sharing it, so bear with me for a bit.

It was good to get away from work for a bit, for sure, and really nice to spend some quality time with the Hanabibti.The week started out slow. We didn’t do much for the first few days, just got caught up on chores and whatnot, but we did get out for a walk one morning, and I made a really nice picture of my darling, adorable wife.

Morning Walk

I got a decent enough picture of some weeds too…


Though when my allergies kicked in the week after vacation, I blamed it mostly on those yellow flowers… They popped up all over the place, more and more, and right at their peak blooming time, I had my first real, full out allergy attack.

I think it was coincidence though, the flowers being in bloom at that time, as I later decided my allergies had something to do with the pollen count, that was just ridiculously high for a couple of weeks in later March/early April.

Anyway. Mere neighborhood walks weren’t cutting it, though, and so we took a couple of days to go roam around downtown Dallas and hit some of our favorite spots, and some new ones too.

Neither one of us had been to Clyde Warren Park before. We played some ping pong, and walked and talked. The weather was just lovely.

effbook break

Loads of other people thought so too, and we were fortunate to get most of our park-wandering done before all the other Spring Break-ers landed.

lunch break

I think my color is a bit off, but after 4 attempts, I’m just going to call it good. I think perhaps something was a bit funny with this roll of CN 200, in addition to the scratches and other issues that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

So that was our first day out… On the way home, after a nice lunch at a Mediterranean buffet place in Richardson and Dhuhr at IANT, we popped into Richardson Bike Mart and bought a couple of bicycles… bicycle. Bicycle. BICYCLE. I want to ride my bicycle. Bicycle. BICYCLE.

Good times.

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