Sunny 16, ft. the LC-A and Polypan F 50

If you’re unaware, the Sunny 16 rule is an old principle of photography that gives us a simple way to calculate exposure without a meter: simply set your shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO and f/16 should give more or less accurate exposure in full sunlight. Polypan F 50 is a 50 ISO […]

Polypan F 50 (Compania Imago)

It’s been so long since I shot and developed this roll that I don’t remember much about it… I got busy with all the rolls that I shot over Spring Break, and then it was all the birthday gift stuff (and there’s still stuff to share from that too). Apologies. Of the black & white […]

Compania Imago film thoughts

I’ve shot through a couple of rolls of Compania Imago films now and I’ve noticed a couple of things that they have in common, despite being films from different manufacturers and different vintages, and the first roll of Rollei CN200 I shot had some strange scratches and gouges that none of the others had.