If you’re unaware, the Sunny 16 rule is an old principle of photography that gives us a simple way to calculate exposure without a meter: simply set your shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO and f/16 should give more or less accurate exposure in full sunlight.

Polypan F 50 is a 50 ISO film. The LC-A has a fixed shutter speed of 1/60th in Aperture-Preferred mode. Sounds perfect…

My first thought was to shoot the LC-A without batteries, but after 4 frames, I remembered that the LC-A won’t trip the shutter at all without batteries.

compania imago strangeness

Compania Imago film always has some strange stuff in the first few frames, anyway, so this error allowed me to preserve it. Good times.

After reinstalling the batteries, I tried to shoot some coworkers, but 5 stops (f/16 to f/2.8) isn’t enough.

underexposed coworkers - Dallas, TX 2016

I can sorta make out Nancy, Joanie, and Janet, but the others are a mystery. Oh well.

Most everything else came out fine, and I totally forgot that I could “stop down” three more stops with the LC-A’s ISO dial, not that I needed it, really, but it might be handy to try again with some faster film, I think… Are my maths right?

No, jackass… the ISO dial does nothing in AP mode, because there’s no metering going on: the shutter is fixed and the aperture is fixed. :facepalm:

This makes roll 3 of my weekly roll project… It’s going smoothly so far, all praise and thanks be to God, or mostly so, and only He knows how long I’ll keep it up.

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