Different Circumstances: D7000/FG

So these pictures are more or less different: one is in a greenhouse on a bright, sunny day; the other is at a roadside picnic spot on a cloudy day. But there’s something similar, maybe, compositionally anyway. Again, the differences come down to saturation, contrast, sharpness. But there’s also grain & bokeh. The grain off […]

Looking through, looking past: LC-A/C-5050/D7000/FG

Continuing on with the compare/contrast event, here are some examples of looking through things, looking past things, with two small, point-and-shoot-type cameras and two slr-type cameras: the Lomo LC-A, Olympus C-5050, Nikon D7000 and Nikon FG. This isn’t quite as straightforward a comparison as yesterday’s, and it’s more about lens characteristics than anything else. But […]

Olympus C-5050 / Lomo LC-A

I ended up at 3 different nurseries with 3 different cameras. I didn’t much realize it until later, but it makes for a good opportunity to compare/contrast digital and film cameras. Disclaimer: I’m not interested in disparaging either: pretty, fun, decent, mediocre, bad, artistic, etc. pictures have been made with both, and it’s not about […]