Return of the Espio Returns (2): fully automated

As mentioned previously (here, here, and here), the Pentax Espio 35-70 AF Zoom is a fully automatic camera. I’ve cursed some of its automation in those earlier articles, but if you make some peace with it, accept (and understand its limitations) and just shoot, you can make some pictures with it. In fact, I think […]

Return of the Espio Returns (1): Kentmere 100 @ 320

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, I experimented a bit with scratching the a couple of bits of paint off of the film canister to change the DX codes and fool the Espio into thinking it was shooting 320 speed film, rather than the 100 that the Kentmere was originally coded at. I […]

Return of the Espio: a brief review

When I first wrote about the Pentax Espio, I mentioned “unpromising results,” kvetched a bit about Walgreens mailing off and then keeping my negatives, and then promised to write up a proper review once I put another roll through. Well, I did put another roll through it, a year ago, back when I first started developing my […]

First outing with the Graphic View 4×5

Several months ago, Alex (Dad) gave me his Graphic View 4×5. I’ve used it as a subject a couple of times, but it otherwise languished, wrapped in plastic, precariously balanced on top of the file cabinet since the day I brought it home. Friday, Alex called to tell me that he found some film holders […]

From the Archives: the CyberShot DSC-T9

My second digital camera—if you don’t count the one in that Nokia phone, if it even had a camera, and I don’t think it did… I don’t even recall what phone that was, so I don’t—was the Sony CyberShot DSC-T9. I bought it in 2006 and carried it around fairly religiously until the iPhone 4. […]

Flowers: C-5050/D7000/FG

This is, admittedly, sort of a random, grab-bag of leftovers. Let’s look at them in order of sensor size. Once again, digital wins in terms of contrast, color and saturation; film wins in terms of soul. And, again, they’re all pictures, and all have some sort of purpose. It’s probably more preference than anything. I […]

Bokeh Battle: D7000/FG

Bokeh really is all about the size of the recording medium. Again, it’s contrast, saturation, sharpness vs raw physicality. But this time, the difference between the 1.5 crop and the ‘full frame’ is obvious… InshaAllah one day I’ll get my hands on a medium format or 4×5 (or 8×10…) and see what real bokeh looks like.