Abstract Thought

Today, I’m grateful for abstract thought, without which, we’d be pale shadows of the servants of Allah we are today, and that He gave to us to aid in our role as the Vicegerent for the rest of His creation.

If Allah didn’t want us dreaming, imagining, wondering, pondering, and otherwise using the big brains He gave us, He wouldn’t have given us the faculties He granted. Alhamdulillah.

I might think too much, sometimes, but Alhamdulillah I think!

Return of the Espio Returns (2): fully automated

As mentioned previously (here, here, and here), the Pentax Espio 35-70 AF Zoom is a fully automatic camera. I’ve cursed some of its automation in those earlier articles, but if you make some peace with it, accept (and understand its limitations) and just shoot, you can make some pictures with it.

In fact, I think one of my favorite pictures of 2015, and maybe one of my best ever, came out of this camera, out of just letting the camera do its thing and paying attention to making pictures… Continue reading “Return of the Espio Returns (2): fully automated”

Return of the Espio Returns (1): Kentmere 100 @ 320

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, I experimented a bit with scratching the a couple of bits of paint off of the film canister to change the DX codes and fool the Espio into thinking it was shooting 320 speed film, rather than the 100 that the Kentmere was originally coded at. I didn’t have any need for 320 speed film, and in fact I had a roll of HP5+ that I could’ve shot with no problem, but after pushing the Kentmere 400 to 1600, I wondered how the 100 would do and just wanted to experiment a bit.

Well, the experiment worked! Alhamdulillah! Continue reading “Return of the Espio Returns (1): Kentmere 100 @ 320”

Return of the Espio: a brief review

When I first wrote about the Pentax Espio, I mentioned “unpromising results,” kvetched a bit about Walgreens mailing off and then keeping my negatives, and then promised to write up a proper review once I put another roll through. Well, I did put another roll through it, a year ago, back when I first started developing my own film, but then never got around to (or forgot all about) writing up a review.

After that second roll, I shelved the Espio in favor of the LC-A and, later, the FG, but when I decided to start up a roll Thanksgiving morning, both of those cameras had film in them already, so I grabbed the Espio, loaded the CR 123A battery that I had pulled out of the camera back when I shelved it to keep the date counter from draining it unnecessarily, auto-loaded a roll of film in it,* and away I went, excited to have a zoom lens with even a small range, on an automatic exposure camera with “Full Macro” stamped on the front, and also excited to see how it would perform.

How did it do? Read on to find out… Continue reading “Return of the Espio: a brief review”