I’m not sure what happened to the beginning of this roll, but it’s kinda pretty… It looks like it got wet, maybe, and for the first time, I guess I’m thankful for the Espio’s rather excessive 4 frame auto-winder.

I get a bit wrapped up in my head sometimes and I forget about other, far more important things.

I really need to open my eyes.

open your eyes - Irving, TX 75062

Anyways. Last week, I mentioned a tentative self assignment to shoot one roll of film per week for as long as Allah guides (or allows) me to keep it up, and with His guidance alone, I’ll keep it up while also opening my eyes to the gifts He’s bestowed on me.

For the week of October 9-15, I shot a roll of Homelife 200 in the Pentax Espio, and both performed admirably. I’ll leave further thoughts for an as-yet unwritten review of the Homelife, but it’s capable of some pleasant, easter-candy-ish colors, with the right massage in post: pretty. I didn’t shoot much at all for the first part of the week, just a few shots (I think) the first day on the way to and from the mosque for prayer. Everything else was shot on a pleasant, if late, walk around the neighborhood.

The sky was particularly lovely, and I only captured the color in a few of the frames, and then, not quite, and I need to drip a bit of PhotoFlo into my Stabilizer bath, or add a PhotoFlo dip after Stabbing, ’cause I’m seeing some awful hard water stains, but I usually forget to clean negs before scanning, and I really don’t have the time to go back and re-scan (see above, the rather cryptic abre tus ojos comment, above).

I could (and might yet) spend a bit more time with some of them, but only Allah knows.

Stay tuned: next week it’s Sunny 16 with the LC-A… fun times.

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