Has it been 15 years already? May God bless you with many years of peace and prosperity together!

In another case of me pocketing a disposable camera at a wedding, I wonder if the DJ and Theresa ever saw these pictures… the one of them kissing is great!

The DJ was big on the selfies back in the day… and belfies, too: I have half a dozen or so pictures of his bare bottom from disposable cameras he surreptitiously picked up in my apartment and took to the restroom with him. Maybe the pocketing of this one was fair play?

Probably not…

And just in case he or Theresa click through, here’s another one of the DJ from probably 2000 or early 2001, back when he was still a bachelor.


I know we’ve lost touch, and I apologize for not keeping up my end. Much love to you both!



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