After several years of vacillating between wanting, but not having the money, and having the money, but not feeling worthy, my wallet and self esteem finally aligned and I pulled the trigger…

So I’m now the proud owner of the manual focus Nikon to end all manual focus Nikons. Happy (belated) Birthday to me! (and with big thanks to Mom for putting me over the edge).

While new toys are always exciting, I’m going to delay loading film into it, as I’m really feeling in a slump, creatively, questioning what and why. A few years ago, when I was just playing around and looking primarily at my own work, I was more or less content to shoot whatever, willy nilly. But now, after a bit of study and several years of looking at work by acknowledged masters, after getting some ideas about what this photography thing is all about, what it can be, the potentials—in all directions—for it, the willy-nilly shooting I do feels empty.

And not just feels: it is empty. It’s without purpose, mostly without thought or intent, usually devoid of concept. I either need to get happy with random play time, or find something to get serious about, and focus my play time on something that has some meaning or interest or concept to work towards.

May Allah guide me to better, Ameen.

Much has been written about this camera, but I’ll still throw up a review in some months, once I get several rolls through it and get comfortable with it. At first glance, it’s a sexy little thing, and Nikons look good in black… God willing, I’m going to enjoy and make good use of this marvelous little tool.

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