Yes, I unboxed this little beauty in my PJ’s. Deal with it.

I picked this girl up via the EMULSIVE Camera Detox effbook group. Now, I hate me some effbook, but the EMULSIVE groups pulled me back in. (There’s also the EMULSIVE Film Photography Chat group for more how-to, critique, and general conversation around film photography.)

Now, I really don’t need more cameras, but after getting sucked into Medium Format via the Plastic Fantastic Debonair, I’ve been wanting something with a bit more control, and this seemed like both a winner, and a decent-enough deal.

This example was produced in December, 1967 (if I’m reading the serial number correctly), and lived its whole life in San Diego, according to the seller. It has a sticker inside dated 1981 from a camera repair shop in San Diego, and the seller mentioned getting it serviced at the same shop recently: he had it cleaned up, installed a 3×3 grid focusing screen, and had the electronics converted to use modern 1.5v batteries.

tl;dr: it’s like-new and ready to go!

I loaded a roll of Porta 160 and will report back asap… I’m as giddy with excitement as I can be, given that it’s Ramadan, and I’m fasting. I’d likely be far more excited and out shooting away if not for the fast. Alhamdulillah: fasting is a blessing, and I’m privileged to have the disposable income to pick up such a fine piece of Japanese engineering.

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