Today, I’m thankful for reminders.

I’m thankful for general reminders, of the sort captured by an iPhone app of the same name. I’m prone to forgetting and in need of gentle nudges to action.

I’m thankful for more metaphysical reminders, reminders of my great fortune and health, reminders of my humanity, my frailty, my incapacity, my lack. Truly, all have sinned and fallen short of the grace of God, and truly, Allah alone is perfect and without error. All praise and thanks be to Him.

I’m especially thankful of reminders of Allah, Himself, of His power, His majesty, His mercy, His guidance, His plan. And I’m grateful for His constant reminders to all of us, whether we notice and take heed or not, as we are human, imperfect, and in need of gentle nudges to action. Indeed, we are in constant need of Him. La ilaha il Allah!

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