Different Circumstances: D7000/FG

So these pictures are more or less different: one is in a greenhouse on a bright, sunny day; the other is at a roadside picnic spot on a cloudy day.

But there’s something similar, maybe, compositionally anyway.

Again, the differences come down to saturation, contrast, sharpness. But there’s also grain & bokeh.

The grain off the Lomography Color 400 film, and the bokeh off that (relatively) big slab of film just whollop the 1.5 crop CMOS in the D7000.  The film photograph is physicial, it has a tactility in and of itself that is quite simply missing from the digital picture.

But the digital wins in terms of color, saturation, sharpness, and contrast, if that’s what you’re into.

And from time to time, that’s precisely something to be into; and so is the physicality in the film.

Again, no winners or losers, just pictures.

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