Flowers: C-5050/D7000/FG

This is, admittedly, sort of a random, grab-bag of leftovers.

Let’s look at them in order of sensor size.

Once again, digital wins in terms of contrast, color and saturation; film wins in terms of soul.

And, again, they’re all pictures, and all have some sort of purpose. It’s probably more preference than anything.

I honestly can’t say which I like best… I like the picture from the C-5050; I like the glossiness from the D7000, largely because it was my first ‘proper’ camera; I like the character in the film.

All in all, I’m glad I did this. The results are much as I expected.

It’ll be interesting to go out with one lens, two bodies, and a body cap, set the D7000 at the same ISO as whatever film is in the FG, and then shoot the same pictures, more or less, from more or less the same angle… Maybe a day with the Zomb-E… or maybe 6 shots with 6 lenses, or 12 shots with 3 lenses… something like that.

But that’ll have to wait awhile. Work and life is rather busy just now, Alhamdulillah.

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