On Cross Processing, and other play time

In September 2010, I bought an iPhone 4. I discovered the camera (and Hipstamatic) within days and was soon shooting away like crazy. It’s now mid-November 2016 and I’ve moved into film photography with gusto. All this time, I’ve seen it as play, as learning, as testing out, and it’s been loads of fun, but […]

Road Trip! Chicago (2)

After our marathon walk all over downtown, I was sore and I think Hana was too. We decided to take it easy-ish, and after a nice Dunkin Donuts breakfast took the car out and drove up to North Avenue beach. Hana was really excited to see a proper beach, and North Avenue Beach didn’t disappoint.

Road Trip! Springfield to Chicago

After the disappointing dinner and visit to the closed mosque, Hana and I took our time waking up. Sunrise over downtown Springfield made for some kinda nice pictures, maybe. So I took advantage and shot with almost everything I had. Above, the D7000 and 24mm f/2.8 ai, with a circular polarizer  that I didn’t really […]