Morning Walk, a brief Agfa Precisa 100 CT review

After some rather disappointing results with Cross Processing the Agfa Precisa 100 CT, I resolved not to shoot the second roll I had until I got some proper chemicals… That day finally came in late 2016, and so I shot my second roll one Saturday morning, on a nice, long walk around the neighborhood, and around the house shortly after.

tl;dr (not that this is going to be that long anyway): it may be a bit contrasty, it goes a bit red/gold in early morning light, and it turns a horrid green when x-pro’d, but Agfa Precisa 100 CT (apparently repackaged Fuji Provia 100F Professional (according to Dexter)) is a great, relatively inexpensive, slide film, and I’d shoot it again. Continue reading “Morning Walk, a brief Agfa Precisa 100 CT review”