Harmon films: Kentmere 100 (1)

As mentioned previously, I’ve embarked down the dangerous road* of home processing Black & White film and am checking out some of the (less expensive) Harmon films.

First up, the Kentmere 100.

And apologies for the delay! Eid al Adha came again, Alhamdulillah (and may Allah azza wa jall accept our fasts, sacrifices, and duas), and Hipstamatic 300 appeared, so this got delayed a bit. Continue reading “Harmon films: Kentmere 100 (1)”

Harmon films: the boxes

A couple of months ago, I picked up two rolls each of four Harmon films: Kentmere 100, Ilford FP4 Plus, Kentmere 400, and Ilford HP5 Plus. At the time, I had recently acquired two rolls of long-expired Ansco Versapan and gotten some interesting results with it and the R3 Monobath. I wanted to get started playing with black & white photography, but first I needed two things: more film, and a developer that was more suitable for roll film.*

So I hemmed and hawed and looked at my limited toy fund and hemmed and hawed some more and somehow managed to justify buying 8 rolls of film.

Alhamdulillah and I couldn’t much justify buying chemicals too, though, so the film just sat for much of June and July. But then Eid al Fitr rolled around again, and I received a gang of D76, some Ilford RapidFix, and some Ilfostop, plus some jugs and accordion bottles—thanks Mom!—and the test was in business, sorta.

I still let it sit for awhile.

But now it’s time, more or less.

It’ll be a non-scientific test:just whatever I notice and decide to comment on. And if it’s not obvious by now either you haven’t been paying attention or you vastly overestimate my technical knowledge. This isn’t my first time shooting black & white: I shot some Tri-X at the lake a bit ago, and there’s the Ansco a couple of months back, and some Chromogenic something or other a long time ago.

But developing it is something new to play with, and that’s always fun: Alhamdulillah. I’ll just be shooting the film in my usual lackadaisical manner, processing it, and commenting on the results in whatever way I see fit.

Tonight: the boxes… boring, probably, but interesting to me. Continue reading “Harmon films: the boxes”

Road Trip! Springfield to Chicago

After the disappointing dinner and visit to the closed mosque, Hana and I took our time waking up.

Sunrise over downtown Springfield made for some kinda nice pictures, maybe.

So I took advantage and shot with almost everything I had. Above, the D7000 and 24mm f/2.8 ai, with a circular polarizer  that I didn’t really know what to do with on the front.

Here, the iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic, with Jane lens and GS-0 film.


And here, the FG and 50mm 1.8 E Series and Kenmore 100 film.

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Road Trip! – Dallas to Eureka

August 29 marked 2 years since the darling, adorable Hanabibti and I married, and to celebrate, we took a road trip: Dallas to Eureka Springs, AR, where we stayed the night at Mom’s; Eureka Springs to Springfield, IL to meet up with an old friend and professor; Springfield to Chicago for 3 nights to see some sights and meet up with another old friend; Chicago to Memphis for a night; then Memphis back to Dallas. It was a load of driving, but loads of good times too, Alhamdulillah.

I took way too many pictures, and didn’t spend any time on the computer, so it’s taken me awhile to get through them all. And in true James fashion, I plan to share pictures one day at a time. Today, it’s all about getting from Dallas to Eureka Springs. Continue reading “Road Trip! – Dallas to Eureka”