7/52-46 nothing to see here

Deepest apologies. Early in the week, probably Sunday, Hana and I went for a walk around the boring corporate apartment complex in which we live, purely for exercise. On the way out the door, I said “I’m going to be optimistic” and grabbed the D7000 and Nikon 36-72mm E Series. While out, we gathered a […]

7/52-19 Manual Focus Week!

aka “MF Week!” but I didn’t want to be ambiguous about it… So I decided to only use old manual lenses this week. These included the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai, the Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E Series, the Nikon 75-150mm Zomb-E Series, and the Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron, maybe). I thought about going crazy […]

The McKinney Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday morning, I met up with some fellow members of the North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group for a Scavenger Hunt around downtown McKinney, Tx. The light was abysmal, foggy, lacking any sort of punch, and I used the old Nikon 36-72mm E-Series, which is one of the least contrasty or saturated lenses in my […]

365.348 ugly bokeh, an attempt

Simon Davis-Oakley—one of the curators of the 365 project and community over on G+—created this assignment (sort of) on the G+ 365 Community pages. The assignment, should we choose to accept, was to shoot a 365 pic with foreground and background bokeh, and it followed a brief question and longer explanation of ‘Bokeh’ that took […]