Dallas Skyline Meetup

The North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group met up last night in the Trinity River bottoms between Oak Cliff and Downtown. This used to be a fairly sketchy area, but I felt completely safe, and the only people I saw were in cars, on bicycles, or other MeetUpers, though there is evidence of some late-night […]

365.241 Dallas Skyline

now with 20% more sunstars! Well, the North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group met up to shoot the Dallas Skyline from the Trinity River bottoms/levee tonight. I met a couple of friendly people, shot with one most of the night, waved hello and/or goodbye at some others, and generally enjoyed myself. I’m going to make […]

365.150 Close, but not quite…

I tried for many hours to capture this: “…[C]onsciousness flowed through and around her and into the darkness. She glimpsed the place dimly before her mind blanked itself away from the terror. Without knowing why, her whole being trembled at what she had seen—a region where a wind blew and sparks glared, where rings of […]