365.241 Dallas Skyline

now with 20% more sunstars! Well, the North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group met up to shoot the Dallas Skyline from the Trinity River bottoms/levee tonight. I met a couple of friendly people, shot with one most of the night, waved hello and/or goodbye at some others, and generally enjoyed myself. I’m going to make […]

Fort Worth Skyline MeetUp

The DFW Photography Club of Texas MeetUp Group met up last night to shoot the Fort Worth Skyline. I managed to make it out, despite my agoraphobia, and chitchatted with a few shooters while I was there. I experimented a bit with deliberately defocusing, white balance, and wide/narrow aperture vs. shutter speed comparisons. I wish […]

365.23 Deliberately Defocused

Deliberately Defocused (and deliberately uploaded a day late because I got back from the meetup way after my bedtime…) During the ‘shoot Fort Worth’s skyline’ Meetup, I accidentally took an completely out-of-focus shot. I liked the results, so I deliberately defocused the 50mm, and shot away. Good times! 50mm 1.8G, ISO100, 1/5, f/3.5.