So. I woke up this morning in the model apartment that the landlord put me in while the gentlemen repaired the leaking air conditioner lines under my apartment.

I woke up without sheets, toilet paper, or a shower curtain, as such things are generally not needed in a model apartment.

Groovy. I came home, made coffee, showered, dressed, and checked out the hole.

At 5am, it was still a hole, but the pipes that were not leaking the night before, were most definitely leaking this morning.

I went to work, sent the landlord a note thanking them for the use of the model, and asking that they include sheets, tp, and a shower curtain for any future guests.

The landlord called all apologetic, as is the norm, and promised to take a couple days off my rent, as well he should.

I came home from work to find a worker putting the carpet back in place.

He wiped a few things down and left quickly.

I’m dubious that the repairs will last, but am going to go on with my life as if they will, as long as they send someone to suck the water and mildew out of the carpet, as it is still sopping wet, and someone to clean the walls and repaint, as there are numerous nicks and mud splotches, and maybe even to mop around my bathroom and clean out the tub, as that’s where all the tools were washed, and there is non-James grime on things.

So I made this photo very quickly—probably too quickly—in their honor.

I wanted to see how the 36-72 would handle the fun bokeh thing I discovered last week, and it handled it, sorta, though the CA is wildly apparent, and the bokeh is a bit harsh.

Interestingly, the effect worked fine when zoomed to 72mm, but not at all when zoomed to 36mm.

Ahh, physics (I guess).

D7000. Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E-Series, reversed. ISO800 (leftover: dumbass), 1/8000th (AP mode), f/3.5. Medium level of processing in Aperture.

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