So I proved the concept yesterday, and was all excited about playing with it today: thought about it off and on since last night.

But when it came time to shoot… blank.

So here I am doing a U-Turn. Woo. Exciting. Yawn.

I’m going to go put a pen and pad next to the bed, and on the back of the toilet, and somewhere near the stove or food prep area, and on the coffee table in hopes that something will come to me in a flash of brilliance or something.

In the mean time…

My meager backdrop is in the wash, and I think I’ll make a trip to the fabric store for a much bigger piece. My current one is roughly 3’x18″ and was purchased to shoot product photos back in graphic design class in 2004ish, and is not intended to serve as a backdrop for a human person…

D7000. Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E-Series, at 72mm. ISO100, 6 seconds, f/8. SB-700, zoomed to 24mm, at 1/8th, fired into a silver umbrella and ineffectually bounced off of a silver reflector (camera right), and triggered via a pair of Cactus v5 triggers: one on the flash; one in my hand. Medium processing in Aperture to remove filth from the backdrop and bring out a bit of detail.

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