Feeling better today.

Didn’t make the time, or put in the thought, to get the picture I wanted, since the only idea I had didn’t work very well, but I did manage to learn some things about the general method I used, so a proof of concept is great.

One thing… Why is only the left edge in focus? I was the same rough distance away from the lens/camera/film plane for all. It could be that the Vivitar is a bit heavy for the D7000 (it is), or maybe something is off with the film plane (I surely hope not). Some testing will be needed.

And I’ll need to do some more playing with this… as the possibilities for this method look promisingly possible.

D7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5, at about 80mm. ISO100, 6 seconds, f/3.5. SB-700, zoomed to 24mm, at 1/8th, fired into a silver umbrella. Mild processing in Aperture.

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