I don’t know if it’s something(s) that I ate, or the bs texts I got from a buddy (about nothing of any consequence) last night that brought up a bunch of stuff I put away many years ago, or the beautiful weather, or what, but I feel emotionally wretched today, and really have no desire for anything except beer, cigarettes, and ice cream—all of which I generally feel extremely good about giving up—much less shooting another #*$&^%(  picture for this project.

So here’s a shot of my desk. I just set the camera, lens first, down on the desk and shot away. This was the best of the 1 pictures that I took. Hooray for coping out.

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AI. ISO100, 6 seconds, f/16. No post processing beyond importing into Aperture, converting to jpg, and outputting at 900px wide.

Beautiful, ain’t it.

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