365.130 ce n’est pas une peinture

If not for that bit of lens flare in the lower right, this could quite easily be a painting, or even a pastel sketch… Granted, this isn’t straight out of the camera, but it’s not very heavily processed either: Aperture’s built-in RAW conversion Exposure +.44 Black Point +2.43 Brightness +.06 Contrast +.12 Definition +.57 Saturation +.04 Vibrancy +.28 and some […]

Super Macro Brothers: the Weigh-In

I’ve been reading up on Macro photography quite a bit lately. Well, that’s not quite true… I’ve been thinking of buying a proper macro lens for several days—the Tokina 100mm f/2.8, specifically—and reading review after review and spec sheet after spec sheet, and in the process I decided to see how the macro rig (the […]

365.72 …like something from a dream

Day 3 with the new macro rig, and I decided to go big. 8 exposure HDR big. This scene looked so flipping dreamy and impossibly dynamic-rangey that I knew a single exposure would do it no justice. I would really like to see this printed at about four feet wide… (or at least 7.3″ x […]