365.270 the mystery (part 1)

Interviews with neighbors and witnesses confirmed that he lived alone and had few visitors, but investigators were puzzled by certain details at the scene. D7000. Nikkor 50mm 1.8G. HDR composed of 6 bracketed images, using Photoshop Merge to HDR Pro. ISO100, 1/50th – 1/3200th (AP mode), f/1.8, -2EV. Note: I have an idea for a […]

365.208 Ohne Titel (not feelin’ it)

I’ve had a fairly “not feelin’ it” sort of day… I wasn’t feeling getting out of bed, but wasn’t feeling staying in bed either. I wasn’t feeling the drive to work and wasn’t feeling staying home. I wasn’t feeling work (though I sorta just sleep-walked through it, and it went by fast enough), but I […]

365.194 Para Evitar Roturas, for Jeff Koons

Looking at this a bit more closely, Koons would probably have made the water slightly bluer, and the fuchsia somewhat more fuchsia-y… Oh well: close enough. When I went to fetch a cup of tea early this morning, I discovered the coffee pots in the sink, all full up with sanitizer liquid. Even under the […]